Updated October 2008

I was the hostess of the Ports 1961 resort show. Apparently my participation was the idea of Tony Alcindor, seen here with yours truly just before the show at their office space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The waiters were adorable! Here are two of them.

The photographers weren’t bad either. I nabbed this one.

Here I am with some of the models from the show.

In the photo below you can see yours truly in silhouette under the umbrella. In the foreground you can see one of the blond models wearing white in the show.

The clothes by Tia Cibani really were quite chic!

Posing with Tia Cibani and Ken Downing, head buyer at Neiman-Marcus. (Photos by Patrick McMullan)

Earlier I filmed my tiny scene as Blanche Hudson (the Joan Crawford character in “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?”) for the movie “Another Gay Sequel.”

Some people seem to think that I also appear in the movie as Baby Jane Hudson, but that’s not me. It’s Scott Thompson.

Here I am with Ashlie Atkinson, one of the actors in the movie, and Todd Stephens, the writer/director/producer.

And here’s the fabulous photo of me in the recently published “Broadway Bares” coffeetable book1

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